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The most important download! – the current 2018 Petzl Work Solutions Catalogue.

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One of the most common questions we get… can I put stickers on my work helmet?
Download Petzl’s Sticker Guide

How do I take care of my equipment? Petzl has a comprehensive guide to caring for your PPE.
Download the Petzl Protecting Equipment Guide

Petzl Helmets Hearing Protection Compatability Guide
Download Guide

The use of the SHUNT in Rope Access
Petzl Statement on the Use of Petzl Shunt-January 10th 2012


Australian Certificates of Conformance

C71A AVAO BOD / AVAO BOD FAST Harness download

C71CF0 NAVAHO BOD CROLL FAST SERIES (2013+) Harness download

C71CFA AVAO BOD CROLL FAST SERIES (2015+) Harness download

C72 VOLT Harness download

C73 NEWTON / NEWTON FAST Harness download

C79A AVAO SIT / SIT FAST download

C81000 Top / TOP CROLL download

C69 SEQUOIA download

A10 VERTEX Helmet download

A20 ALVEO Helmet download

A15 VIZIR download

B16 CROLL / B17 ASCENSION / B71 Ascender / D09 STOP / D20 I’D Small / D21 RIG download

B17WLA / B17WLN / B17WRA / B17WRN ASCENSION Work (2014+) download

B71 ASAP/ ASAP LOCK download

C40 ANNEAU Sling download

L52 GRILLON Lanyard download

M33 OK Karabiner download

M34 Am’D Karabiner download

M36 WILLIAM Karabiner download

M37 OMNI Karabiner download

S70 PODIUM download

E78 PIXA Headlamp download


If you cannot find the Certificate you require, please contact us.