ROPE HOW-TO GUIDE: using and caring for your rope

The rope is a vital link in the safety and belay chain in both mountaineering and climbing. It is important to take good care of your rope as well as to understand the inherent risks and dangers involved with its use. This how-to guide provides several tips on how to properly use your rope and increase its lifespan.

Is your rope the right length?

Make a habit of always tying a knot at the end of your rope to avoid any unpleasant surprises if your rope is too short.
TECH TIP: Rope too short – warning, danger!


Are you climbing with a new rope?

Be aware of additional slippage through your belay device when climbing with a new rope.
TECH TIP: Performance of new ropes.


Did you know that your rope shrinks with use over time?
TECH TIP: Change in the length of my rope after use.


Do you know how to coil your rope?
Carefully coil your rope to avoid any knots or twists before starting up a route.
TECH TIP: How to coil the rope.


Do you know how to increase the lifespan of your rope?
Read our tech tips!
TECH TIP: How to protect the rope.


Do you know how to clean your rope?
Learn how to properly wash a dirty climbing rope.
TECH TIP: How to clean your rope.


When should you replace your rope?
It is important to inspect your rope on a regular basis.

Download the PPE inspection procedure.
Download the PPE checklist.

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