The New RIG: Tech Tips Updated

As the RIG continues to advance, so have all the associated tech tips. Below is an overview of the latest updates to the tech tips for the RIG

Primary uses for the new RIG and comparison with the old RIG

This new tech tip sums up all possible uses for the RIG, specifying the performance tolerances for each type of use (weight limit, compatible rope diameters, standards…).
For each use, a table provides comparison information between the new and the old RIG.


Work positioning: going hands-free

The 2018 version of the RIG’s AUTO-LOCK system automatically locks off the load and returns the handle to its initial position. Watch a video of the AUTO-LOCK system in action:


Test results for the RIG

View the certification and other tests results for the new RIG as well as the latest information on the old RIG.

Assisted rappels with the RIG

This tech tip explains the necessary precautions to take for an assisted rappel during a rescue. It details each step for a simple rescue manoeuvre. 

Choosing the right carabiner

As with all Petzl devices, a tech tip explains how to select the right carabiner to use with your RIG.


Here is a link to Petzl USA and differentiating between RIG 2018 and the earlier model. with useful illustrations. PETZL USA

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